March 11, 2019

My Microblading Experience [Because Eyebrows Are The One Thing You Can Get Into Shape Without Exercising]

brains over blonde microblading We’ve talked about how your energy introduces you before you even speak, but so do your brows. Because let’s be real, it’s allllll about the brows these days. My theory is that the Instagram selfie made us recognize eyebrows’ mystical powers. Good eyebrows just make you… prettier. It’s science.

4 Reasons why eyebrows make you prettier, scientifically speaking:

  1. They frame your face. I’d never get a rad feminist art print and slap it on the wall without a picture frame. The print wouldn’t be noticeable and I wouldn’t want anyone to notice it anyways because if they did it would just look tacky, all frameless and shit. Eyebrows are the picture frame of the face.
  2. They bring balance and symmetry to your face. We’re evolutionally programmed to find symmetrical features more beautiful (notice how symmetry is everywhere in nature!)
  3. They highlight your best features. Eyebrows are like crowns for your eyes. They make your eyes POP.
  4. Thick eyebrows are associated with youth. Just like long hair, thick luscious eyebrows signify youth, health, and fertility. As humans, we’re attracted to youth and fertility so we can pass down our genes; it’s literally evolutionary programmed into our brains. Again, science.
Basically, your eyebrows have the power to be your face’s best accessory or its worst. Unfortunately for me, my natural eyebrows are a little sad. They’re light and thin. I promise I don’t overpluck them… anymore. My younger self didn’t have Instagram & went a little overboard (no one should ever give a 7th grader tweezers). I could pencil them in, but I probably only put makeup on once or twice a week… because 1. I prefer to focus on skincare over makeup and 2. it’s not how I like to spend my time, and time is my most valuable resource. Not bragging about being busy; it’s just the truth. (Btw if makeup is how you like to spend your time, DO YOU! Fucking contour and blend your face off! I would never makeup-shame, so just want to clarify. Personally, I’m just more of a skincare kinda gal.) ANYWAY. The downside of my whole “wakeup and don’t makeup” routine was that sometimes it made this icy white blonde look a little… bald. Draco Malfoy vibes is just not my lewk, ya know? My brows got a lot better when I discovered Glossier Boy Brow (more on that here) which helped shape and fill them out. Then, this past summer, I started getting lash extensions and was instantly obsessed (Btw do you want me to do a post on lash extensions? Lmk in the comments!) My newfound lashes got me thinking… do I want to get my brows done too? Why not, right??? Btw, my philosophy with all of these “enhancement” treatments is that they’re not about changing you to make you beautiful. They’re about magnifying the beauty YOU ALREADY HAVE to make you your MOST CONFIDENT SELF so you can CONQUER THE WORLD! As long as you’re doing it for you, do you bb. (You can read my posts on Botox here and my boob job here, here, & here.) If it makes you feel beautiful, GO 4 IT GRL! So, I started doing my research (always), which included brow-zing around the Internet and Instagram. Microblading is a semipermanent tattoo, so this is no joke. Like tattoos, it’s art. And like with plastic surgeons, I wanted to find the best artist for me. I recommend asking for referrals because bad microblading can ruin your life FAST. My amazing coaching client-turned-friend recommended her friend to me as a fabulous brow artist. I asked her my billions of questions (what can I say I’m a curious cat) and really hammered home that I was looking for the BEST OF THE BEST (I don’t ask for much). She selflessly told me that if I want the best of the best, I should go to Daria Chuprys. I fucking love a woman who lifts up other women, don’t you? Daria’s a pioneer and expert in the permanent makeup biz; she’s a total boss and trains other permanent makeup artists who want to learn her advanced techniques. She’s all about realistic, natural brows and specializes in lighter hair (blonde brow coloring is more difficult to get right and can easily turn out grey). She was the one. I scheduled my appointment for a day where I knew I could be out of the sun for a couple weeks (just like with a regular tattoo, sun damages the results). You’ll also want to make sure you haven’t gotten Botox within the last two weeks.

my microblading experience

The day finally arrived and I Ubered to Beverly Hills. Daria’s office was decked out to the nines with marble and gold (it looks so chic and Greek, just like her). I wasn’t nervous at all; I knew I was in good hands. Daria and I chatted about the look I was going for, but I really trusted her judgment on this. She explained the difference between microblading (hair strokes) and soft ombré brows (shading). We decided to do a mixture of both. brains over blonde microblading Remember protracters from geometry class? Obtuse angles and all that shit? Well, Daria basically took an eyebrow version of that and put it on my face. She measured out all my features to get the perfect brow shape for my facial dimensions and features. She made sure my brows were perfectly symmetrical (we all have a favorite brow) and penciled them in for me to have a look. I made a few very minor tweaks (I firmly believe that literally one strand of hair can make or break your brow) and we were off to the races! Daria put numbing cream on my brows (basically white goop that chills there for 15min or so). Guess what: the numbing was the most painful part of the whole process. Lots of people will tell you microblading is super painful, but don’t let them scare you. If you get numbing ointment, the actually microblading process barely hurts at all. Once I was all numbed up, Daria took her tiny permanent makeup pen and got to work. First, she makes punctures in the skin. Then, she adds the ink. So like… that was that! My first appointment was done – the whole thing took about an hour. I was worried I’d look like a crazy person, but right afterward, my eyebrows looked amazing (I was instantly obsessed with them). They were definitely on the darker side, but they didn’t look bad – I totally rocked them. In fact, right after getting my semi-permanent brow tattoos I went directly to my “real tattoo” appointment (the scheduling was a total coincidence, but it turned into a tat-tastic day) and went to an event that night. Daria has a minimalist take on aftercare. She doesn’t have you put any ointment or anything on your brows – she just has them heal dry. She gave me a chic clear little visor to stick onto my face to protect my brows during showers. Of course, you’ll also want to stay out of the sun while they’re healing. My eyebrows got darker and darker each day for the next few days (this is expected). Then, like a regular tattoo, they started to peel. I’m not going to lie, this phase isn’t cute. I basically had dandruff in my eyebrows for about a week or two. Once the peeling is done, your eyebrows are pretty much healed! You’ll see the final results after about 3 weeks. After a few more weeks, my brows had faded a bit. But, this is to be expected! Because the follow-up appointment is PART OF THE PROCESS. DO NOT skip your follow-up appointment. I went in for mine about 6 weeks after my first appointment. The second time around I was a vet. I wanted to go thicker and darker than before, which we did (but still natural!) At this point I knew what to expect so the whole process was super easy. Brow chicka wow wow.

Not to be dramatic, but my quality of life is literally better with strong brows.

I feel browtiful the second I wake up in the morning. And I’m literally ready to go in .2secs. When your brows are a work of arch, you truly don’t need makeup. On the rare occasions where I do put on makeup, it only takes a couple minutes to do. And when I take my makeup off, I’m so #grateful I still have eyebrows. BROW DOWN BITCHES!!! One thing I will warn you about though is that once you get your eyebrows microbladed, you’re going to start doing everyone’s eyebrows in your head (if you don’t already). I like to think I’m a nonjudgemental person but when someone with bad brows walks by I JUST WANT TO HELP. I always, always, always encourage people to DO YOU… but the one exception is if you don’t know how to do your eyebrows. I just want what’s best for your brows, ya know? Anyway, my microblading should last about 2 years, at which point I will get them done again in a heartbeat. As far as I’m concerned, brows are the new black. OK, so who’s gotten their eyebrows microbladed? Who’s thinking about? Good experiences? Bad? Advice? GIVE US YOUR TIPZ! brains over blonde microblading

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