March 29, 2019

Sole Water: How to Make The Super Chic Pink Drink That Supercharged My Mornings

Kicking off your mornings with a super chic pink glass of Sole water (Pink Himalayan Salt water) is the *hawt new trend* you bbs need to know about. It may sound like some LA wellness bullshit, but I try lots of LA wellness bullshit, and this is something that actually works for me. I first heard of Sole in Aubrey Marcus’ book Own the Day, Own Your Life. I started drinking Sole water first thing in the morning, and I noticed benefits the very first day – no joke. If this is new information – that means you don’t get my juicy #FlexYourFemale Friday emails. BUSTED. So let’s take a sec & fix that rn:

ok, so, wtf is sole water?

Sole (pronounced so-lay) is water fully saturated with natural Himalayan Pink Salt. pink himalayan salt sole water I’m not talking about basic bitch table salt here ppl (which is processed, full of chemicals, & made up of only sodium & chloride). Natural Himalayan Pink Salt is a totally different breed. Himalayan Pink Salt crystals are natural (unprocessed) because they come from our PLANET EARTH. Geologists estimate that these crystals could have been deposited up to 800 MILLION YEARS AGO (re: before we polluted the earth with chemicals & pesticides). Himalayan Pink Salt is notorious for its healing qualities – as it’s rich in iodine, iron oxide, electrolytes, and 84 trace minerals. You know the term “worth one’s salt?” The phrase comes from Ancient Rome, when soldiers were actually PAID in salt because it was such a rare and valuable commodity, k? So when you combine Himalayan Pink Salt with water, the electrolytes* in the salt ionize**. These positive ions mix with the negative ions of the water, which creates a totally new structure that has an electrical charge that’s perfect for optimal absorption into your body. So when you drink it, the electrical charge prompts your body to send electrical signals from cell to cell that helps your kidneys and maintains fluid balance.

*like sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium sulfate, phosphate, bicarbonate, & magnesium

**become charged molecules

… too science-y for ya? Basically, Sole is a liquid supplement you can take every morning that has tons of health benefits.

the 6 magical health benefits of sole water

So all the benefits of Sole are tied to its rich mineral content. Without minerals, our body straight up doesn’t function because vitamins & nutrients don’t get broken down and absorbed. Basically, any sickness or disease you can think of is linked to a mineral deficiency (& mineral deficiencies are increasingly common due to our poor diets). GOOD NEWS: when your bod is stocked up on vital minerals – all sorts of magical things happen:
  1. Detoxification. Sole improves hydration & absorption of nutrients. When your bod’s hydrated & and nourished, your immune system is stronger (so you can better fight off pathogens & eliminate toxins).
  2. Fluid balance & regulation. Wellness experts encourage us to drink a shit ton of water, but in fact, over-drinking can over-dilute, which lowers our metabolism. NO THANKS. It also stresses out your kidneys, which makes you pee all the time, and then you’re thirsty again. Essentially, all the water is going through your body without actually getting absorbed into your cells. BUT, when you drink water with minerals & electrolytes (from Sole), your cells can function & absorb properly.
  3. More minerals = more energy. Himalayan Pink Salt is rich in minerals that are hard to find elsewhere – like copper, zinc, magnesium, calcium, & iodine. Yum. But here’s the kicker – these minerals ENERGIZE you on a cellular level. I noticed an increase in energy right away!
  4. Better sleep. Sole has a calming effect on your entire nervous system because all these minerals reduce stress hormones (like cortisol & adrenaline). When you’re calm, you fall asleep faster and wake up less often. Duh.
  5. Improved digestion. Sole activates your salivary glands, which releases amylase (AP Biology throwback). It also stimulates hydrochloric acid, an enzyme that digests protein in the stomach, & secretions in the intestinal tract and liver. Basically, it helps break down your food.
  6. Clear skin. These rad minerals also reduce acne, rashes, dry scalps, eczema, & skin infections. Sold.
Honestly, there are a host of other potential benefits, such as blood pressure regulation, adrenal fatigue recovery, increased libido, & slowed aging – but the above are the ones I can personally testify to.

how to make sole water in 5 easy steps

pink himalayan salt sole water You’re in luck bbs, bc making Sole is super easy. Here are the steps: pink himalayan salt sole water
  1. Fill a glass jar (with a plastic lid, no metal as this de-ionizes the salt!) 1/4 with the chic pink salt and the last 3/4 full with filtered water. Leave a 2-inch gap at the top of the jar.
  2. Shake, shake, shake it up. Let it rest overnight to saturate the water (any leftover salt at the bottom can be used again).
  3. When the salt no longer dissolves (there will be some left at the bottom), that means the water is fully saturated with the salt. Store the jars (covered with PLASTIC lids) at room temperature on your counter or in a cupboard. It lasts forever bc of the salt’s natural anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties.
That’s it! pink himalayan salt sole water PSA: DON’T DRINK DIRECTLY FROM THE JAR (lol). Each morning, take one spoonful (with a wooden spoon, again, no metal!) of the pink Sole water and mix it in a glass of regular (room temp) water and enjoy! I highly recommend adding a lil fresh squeezed lemon for taste. I like to add a drop of chlorophyll to mine as well ;). And let’s be honest I drink my potion in a wine glass with a cute silicone reusable straw (NO METAL DO U HEAR ME?). Sometimes I even throw in some frozen pineapple chunks (good for inflammation & your hoo-ha) when I’m feeling extra.

Once I started drinking Sole, I started actually CRAVING it

K & here’s the thing. Once I started drinking Sole, I started actually CRAVING it first thing in the AM. Like, my body was v on board with it. Another unexpected benefit of Sole it that it prompts my morning routine. And we know how I love my morning routines. Because my body craves Sole in the morning, I make it right away. And then I have my wine glass and straw and it’s a whole thing ya know, and I associate drinking it with sitting down and setting my intentions. So then I do that next. Yay for mindful mornings. So now I’m just obsessed with Pink Himalayan Salt in general (should I do a post on Himalayan Salt Lamps next?) Who’s ready to energize their mornings with some pink liquid magic? & who’s already on the Sole train? WE ALL WANNA HEAR WHAT YOU THINK so share your experience below!

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Copyright 2020, I Am Anna Wood All rights reserved.