March 6, 2019

The Secret To Success Isn’t Hustle, It’s Alignment

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Hustle does NOT always pay off.

It’s a fallacy that I see reposted in “girl boss” graphics all over Insta, but is nonetheless false.

If you’re hustling because you want to be successful, let’s talk about how you define success. Is success a certain amount of money? Is it freedom? Is it fame? Whatever “success” means to you is rooted in one thing: What you believe will bring you joy.

success = joy

The reason you want the thing you want is because you believe it will bring you joy. Every desire you’ve ever held, you’ve held because you believed achieving it would feel good. Yep, it’s that simple. Being successful, regardless of what that looks like in your head, is all about living a joyous life. And trust me, not everyone who hustles is joyous. Do you feel complete and utter joy right now? If the answer is no, it’s because you’re not in alignment with your authentic self. You’re not in alignment with your heart. You’re not in alignment with your soul’s desires. You’re not in alignment with your life purpose… and maybe, you don’t even know what your life purpose is. You see, how joyous you feel is DIRECTLY related to whether you’re living in alignment or misalignment with your highest and most authentic self.

how you feel is DIRECTLY related to whether you’re living in alignment or misalignment with your highest and most authentic self.

There’s no greater feeling in this UNIVERSE than the feeling of living in alignment with your life purpose. When you’re aligned, you know that you’re doing the exact meaningful work that you’re here to do. The energy is palpable. Your vision is clear. Your energy is powerful and indestructible. You’re living as the absolute best version of who you are. It’s more than joy; it’s… ecstasy.

Everything you need to live in alignment is already inside of you.

I have some AWESOME news: Everything you need to live in alignment is ALREADY INSIDE OF YOU!!! The problem is, you’re stopping yourself. You’re stopping yourself from living as the fullest expression of your authentic self. And if you aren’t fully expressed, how can you possibly know what you truly want in life? And if you don’t know what you truly want, how can you possibly live in alignment? The only way to know what you truly want out of life is to consciously tap into what your body is communicating to you. The things you love, the things that you get excited about, the things you only dream about… they’re NOT random. They’re DIRECTLY connected to your purpose. Think about the last time you super energized by or enthusiastic about a possible future outcome. The positive feelings you felt were your body communicating to you that this idea matches your true desires. If you didn’t listen, it’s because your limiting beliefs held you back for fear of failure. Hear me when I say THERE ARE NO LIMITS and you can do ANYTHING you want in this life. The only thing stopping you is YOURSELF. Let me say that again.

The ONLY thing stopping you is yourself.

Until you stop stopping yourself from achieving your purpose, you’ll never be in alignment. And if you’re not in alignment, you’ll never have the joyous life (success) that you so deeply want. That you’re so desperately “hustling” for. This is easier said than done. The only way to live in alignment with the fullest expression of yourself is to rewire your brain. You have to unlearn a lot of things. You have to let go of all of those bullshit limiting beliefs that are telling you “you can’t” or “you won’t” or “you shouldn’t.” It’s super uncomfortable, painful even. It’s hard, emotional work. And most people don’t want to do the work. Most people don’t want to dig up the pain they worked SO HARD to bury deep within themselves. But there’s tremendous growth in the pain. The painful stories of our past create the bounds of what we believe to be possible. And as humans, we only strive to achieve what we believe to be possible. When you break down the barriers of your painful past stories, you discover your authentic self and true desires. That’s when you level up mentally, emotionally, energetically, financially, and spiritually. If you’re serious about DOING THE WORK and living in alignment with your life purpose, you might be a fit for my new program. I’m creating an UNBREAKABLE SISTERHOOD of badass women who are ready to use my radical Flex Your Female Mindset System to design a life that gives their greatest purpose no choice to come true. If this sounds like you, let’s talk.

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