June 18, 2019

Invest Your Money So You Can Invest In Yourself

Hopefully I’ve hammered the point home by now that when you invest in yourself, you go further. Personally, I’ve invested hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in my own growth through advanced education, mentors, coaches, retreats, workshops, courses, trips, and trainings. Yes, it’s a lot of money. But every single penny has been worth it. There’s truly no better investment than investing in yourself. But where is all this money supposed to come from in the first place? Sure you can save up or you can take on a side gig (throwback to my dog-walking days). But the best way to make money long term is to invest the funds that you do have. Herein lies the problem though: investing your money requires… money. Lots of money. Sure you can buy a stock here, a bond there. But what about alternative investments (like real estate, private equity, hedge funds, and commodities)? If your eyes just glazed over, here’s all you need to know: alternative investments (or “alts”) are an important part of any investment portfolio because
  1. There’s potential for high returns (who doesn’t want that)
  2. They’re protected against the volatility of the stock market
  3. They’re protected against inflation and high interest rates
Alts are outside the stock market and are available for institutions and individuals* to invest in. *Jk, not all individuals. Traditionally, the ultra-high minimum buy-ins for alts has been cost-prohibitive for anyone but the 1%. Women are also often excluded from these private investment conversations that are only available to those “in the know.” RUDE. Enter: DiversyFund. DiversyFund is completely blowing up this idea that only the 1% has access to alternative investments. In fact, much of the reason the founder created DiversyFund was to bring alternative investment education and opportunities to women, which of course we love. Obviously, I knew I needed to partner with them.
In a mission to reduce wealth inequality and help EVERYONE (especially women and minorities) to invest like the wealthy, DiversyFund is announcing a new investment minimum of only $500. (You’re the first to know!) For context, most private REITs require minimums of $150-300K!
AND the beautiful souls over at DiversyFund are going to give the first three people from the B/B fam to invest (no matter the amount) a $150 gift card to SWEAT, so you can work on your financial fitness AND your physical fitness. Don’t you just love special treatment??
Bottom line: Invest your money so that you can invest more in yourself. If you’re interested in learning more about DiversyFund, click here! What’s your relationship with money? How do you manage your investments? Share the knowledge below!

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