August 14, 2017

How to master the high-waist

Yes, this is a feminist lifestyle platform, and yes, I’m definitely going to talk about style, fashion, and beauty. Why? I love expressing myself through my personal style. It’s part of what makes me feel confident, strong, and characteristically me. It certainly shouldn’t take away from my credibility. Hopefully that’s an obvious point. Ok, now moving on to more important things. Like high-waisted everything. annafranceswood brainsoverblonde crop top high waist

Outfit Details: Dolce Vita crop top, Cordani fringe platform shoesmauve skirt (similar)

If you’re not insanely stoked about rocking a high waist, then we need to talk. My guess is you haven’t found the ideal cut for your body. The right proportions on your high-waisted look is essential. If your high-waist sits too high or too low, or is too loose or too tight… it’s going to look like you’re wearing a diaper or a mom jean. A high-waist that’s fit proportionally to your body… it’s magic.

The waist of your jeans or pants should button right at your natural waistline.

(Your natural waistline is the narrowest part of your torso, usually just above your belly button.) This cinches you in your smallest point, accentuating the best parts of your hips and waist. Basically, it highlights your silhouette. Not every high-waisted jean is going to fit you like this. You may have to try on a lot to find the pair that hit you in that perfect spot. I have a long torso, so many supposed “high-waisted” looks hit way below my belly button. I sometimes get “extra high waist” or stick to certain brands (I love Hudson) to get the proportions right. The right ones are going to be insanely flattering. They hide belly pouches and love handles and they stay up in the back (crack kills).

Pair the high-waist with a tucked in look, bodysuit, or a crop top.

This is a firm belief of mine. If you wear a shirt that covers the waistline, no one can see your high-waisted look which kind of defeats the purpose. Personally, my daily uniform is a bodysuit and high-waisted shorts or pants. It’s so flattering and so comfy, and I rarely have to wear a bra (my personal heaven). (P.S. you don’t have to spend much on bodysuits – Forever 21 does a great job tbh – here are some of my faves.)

It’s amazing what a tucked in top can do – it instantly makes your outfit look polished.

If you’re not wearing a bodysuit, when in doubt, go tucked in. My tucked-in faves are pussy bow blouses and ever-so-soft Rails plaid shirts. The design of the high-waist keeps your shirt tucked in nice and tightly which I love. Raise your arms above your head and down again,to add the perfect looseness to the waist. And then there’s crop tops.

Crops tops and high-waists are bffs.

You get to show a little skin without laying your whole stomach out there like with low-waisted shorts (seriously no judgement though, if you can rock it props to you). There’s something that makes me super happy when the right amount of upper-mid-drift is showing. Laugh all you want. Take it from me, high-waists are my go-tos (when I’m not rocking athleisure of course). Try on a whole bunch to get the best ones for your body and waist. Check out some of my faves below.
D E N I M  S H O R T S
Urban Renewal
Show Me Your Mumu
Show Me Your Mumu
Necessary Clothing
K N I T  S H O R T S
Nice Martin
Show Me Your Mumu
Alice + Olivia
SIR the label
D E N I M  P A N T S
Hudson (my faves)
Rag & Bone
S T R E T C H Y  P A N T S
 (oh so comfy)
Forever 21
Forever 21
Free People
Forever 21
W O R K  P A N T S
S H O R T  S K I R T S
X by NBD
Show Me Your Mumu
M A X I  S K I R T S
Aila Blue
House of Harlow 1960

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